AEPROMO and Revista Española de Ozonoterapia has among its first priorities to guarantee the ethics and quality of the articles published.

As a commitment to the scientific community, we endorse the code of conduct and good practices defined by the Committee on Pubication Ethics (COPE) for publishers of scientific journals.

This code can be consulted at this link: Code of Conduct for Journal Editors

Editorial Committee undertakes to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when necessary.

In compliance with these good practices, AEPROMO has selection criteria for articles that are reviewed by external evaluators, in blind couples, with criteria based exclusively on the scientific relevance of the article, originality, clarity and relevance of the work Presented.

AEPROMO guarantees at all times the confidentiality of the evaluation process, the anonymity of the evaluators and authors, the content evaluated, the report issued by the evaluators and any other communication issued by the editorial board, as the case may be. Likewise, confidentiality will be maintained prior to any clarification or complaint that an author wishes to send to the committees of the journal or reviewers of the article.

AEPROMO declares its commitment for the integrity of the works already published. Plagiarism is completely prohibited and texts identified as plagiarism will not be published or will be removed from the journal if they have already been published. By accepting the terms and agreements expressed by our journal, authors must ensure that the article and the materials associated with it are original or do not infringe copyright.

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