Endoscopy evidence; H. Pylori infection Ozonetherapy treated, Mexican cases report

María Ana Rivera Soto, Carlos Alberto Romo-Vázquez, Nalleli Weber-Chuliá


Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection leads to chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, gastric adenocarcinoma. Is a worldwide spread infection, is been estimated that affects nearly half of world´s population; gold standard method for diagnosed is gastric tissue biopsy obtained during endoscopy. Proton bomb inhibitor, antimicrobial treatment in a double or triple scheme are the election treatments, however is been reported high antimicrobial resistance making complicated treat H. pylori infection. We propose 90 days ozonetherapy protocol which consist of parenteral ozonated saline solution treatment and oral intake of 1 mL ozonated olive oil (600 meqO2) BIOZON ® as unique treatment scheme to eradicate H. pylori infection. In our private medical office were admitted 21 patients (10 males, 11 females) with chronical dyspeptic symptoms, endoscopic study was ordering to verify H. pylori infection and initiate ozonetherapy treatment. Patients were cited every 15 days for parenteral ozonated saline solution treatment and gave them full treatment for ozonated olive oil (600 meqO2) BIOZON ®. Our results after finished protocol presented positives results on decreased dyspeptic symptoms (18 cases), remaining just casual burping-up and the negative endoscopic results of 66% of the ozone treated patients. We performed a short study who represent only an estimation of the positive role of ozonetherapy in H. pylori infection. Nonetheless it takes further investigation and large epidemiological studies to propose these protocol as only effective H. pylori treatment

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